Category: Taikee-ians

Postcard from Shashwat Srivastava

With Covid-19, Technology’s role will not only remain in providing you comfort but it will be a necessity to even earn your livelihood in some or the other way. Just like in ‘3 idiots’ movie, Aamir Khan says that the Zip in your pants is also a machine, we already know how machines or technologies are already making
our lives easier. Technology may not be God, but it is nothing lesser than God.

Postcard from Ashu Goel

I grew up in a government colony located in a village called Kiloi,
on the outskirts of Rohtak city. In most small town middle class
neighborhoods those days, families whose kids secured admission in engineering or medical college were accorded extra izzat. And in
rural Haryana, if the kid could speak good English then that family almost had celebrity status. 🙂

Postcard from Arvind Balagopalan

The last few months has been a harrowing time for millions around the globe. However, the rest of us have – roofs over our heads, 3 square meals a day
and family to be with; there is a lot to be grateful for.

Postcard from Pushkar Raj

The first life lesson I learnt in team building: a
parchment of paper does not make you a leader. Acceptance of the leader
is critical to team building and thus performance.

Postcard from Samir Ladak

The ability to understand and share the feelings of each other is empathy for your fellow Taikeeian. This is a toast to this truly empathetic collaboration and
teamwork as we walk together arm in arm.

Postcard from Nidhi Ramachandran

As we look to getting into new routines and finding new ways to get things done, I write this to you to stop and remember to ask your team-mates how they are doing. And if you find someone stops to ask you this, be sure
to ask them how they are doing too. At Peel-Works, we greatly value

Postcard from Sachin Chhabra

Our business has been one of the few companies
that has kept its engine humming. We have operated close to our baselines
despite severe constraints. I take this moment to express my gratitude to each
one of you who has served our customers under very telling personal and
professional circumstances.