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The Earl of Sandwich

From meat between breads to thousands of different spreads. The journey of a ‘Sandwich’ has been very interesting.This Sandwich Day…

Trivia by Taikee #1

Did you know? The Indian corner store finds its origin in the HAAT – a big weekly fair, where buyers and sellers would meet and transact using the barter system.

The Sooner, The Butter: Happy Janmashtami

From butter jam breads to butter topped parathas, tiny Butter Bandits will always have a reason to look for more butter. Thankfully, there’s a lot of it available at our #CornerStores.

Celebrating #WorldMilkDay

June 1st, 2020 is World Milk Day. And, it reminds us how getting kids to drink milk is a task that daunts most parents. Thankfully #CornerStores carry a wide variety of add-ons that make milk tasty.

An Anti-Veggies Mothers’ Day!

Mothers’ Day Treats: To give mom a break, here is what the kids make. Our Taikee-ian teammate, Shraddha Kukreja’s twins made her yummy noodles along with the cutest anti-vegetables poem.