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Taikee’s ‘CornerStore & BetterLives Days’ to amplify small retailers’ business

Taikee, the B2B e-commerce platform of Peel-Works that makes grocery available to corner stores, rolls out CornerStore Day (CSD) and BetterLives Day (BLD) to put a spotlight on small retailers and boost their growth this festive season.

Through CSD and BLD, Taikee is offering India’s corner stores the levers to enjoy improved margins, a wider assortment of products and services like express delivery.

The $50 Shoe

Somehow, we seem to have made up our mind that these stores need technology solutions, making them no touch sellers. I don’t think that is an outcome that the stores are looking to achieve. You see, the affluent and tech-savvy often decide for others what they must have.

When Taikee Got an Opportunity to Serve a Braveheart

At Taikee, we could not but rush to Jalandhar to meet this super child Kusum Kumari. While she made sure she got reunited with her phone, our purpose was to get her father to reunite with his phone, as we handed over Kusum a new device for her to learn Taekwondo from. And of course, study hard to achieve her dreams.

Every Purchase Matters

More than 15 million small enterprises toil to break even each month and then save some to run their kitchens. We take Taikee to these entrepreneurs…