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The Tale of a Retailer!

By Nidhi Ramachandran. A typical corner store promoter begins his day with a quick stock taking followed by opening shutters…

Taikee: Be Vocal for Local (Corner stores)

As the country went into lockdown mode, consumers starting thinking local to shop their grocery and essentials. Because, local corner stores have and always will serve their neighbourhoods.

Why bother hiring acid attack victims?

With a strong belief that a brand is not built with money, but with the sentiment of the people who are working towards the brand as well as the sentiment of the consumers who are able to connect with the brand, we focus on our people and their capabilities.

Is Return on Kindness the new ROI for businesses?

As a business, how often do we give a thought to leaving the world a better place than we came to be in it? Especially in the start-up environment, where a culture of being ruthless, thick-skinned and non-empathetic often gets normalised?

When Taikee Got an Opportunity to Serve a Braveheart

At Taikee, we could not but rush to Jalandhar to meet this super child Kusum Kumari. While she made sure she got reunited with her phone, our purpose was to get her father to reunite with his phone, as we handed over Kusum a new device for her to learn Taekwondo from. And of course, study hard to achieve her dreams.

‘Langar by Taikee’ initiative to feed the needy

We launched the #LangarByTaikee initiative with the entire Taikee team coming together and contributing generously. And, we converted our fulfillment centres into meal centres, for a few hours every day, to provide meals to those in need.

Every Purchase Matters

More than 15 million small enterprises toil to break even each month and then save some to run their kitchens. We take Taikee to these entrepreneurs…