By Nidhi Ramachandran.

A typical corner store promoter begins his day with a quick stock taking followed by opening shutters for business. “Business” during the day involves managing walk-ins and keeping a check on assortment and inventory based on customer demand. Before Taikee, fulfilling this demand and managing unwanted inventory involved communicating with multiple brand distributors. A lot of the retailer’s time and efforts went into getting the best price and assortment for his limited working capital. From entertaining shoppers to shutting shop in peak business hours for refilling empty shelves, a retailer does everything and still waits for long replenishment periods leading to lost sales. Now imagine the same routine in a festive season – twice the footfalls and manifold the assortment. At such busy times, a single call from a distributor could mean missing out on selling three high margin gift packs.  

That’s where Taikee comes in. We offer the retailer a one stop B2B grocery e-shop for all his needs. From next day delivery to more than 1500 SKU’s sourced through leading FMCG and local brands and best in industry prices, retailers can order at the click of a button. What’s more? We’ve made this festive season special with our all new Taikee app that boasts of a fresh and breezy user experience. Here’s what Taikee 2.0 has to offer:

  1. Order anytime, anywhere: Instead of waiting for a sales person to come to the retailer at a designated frequency, or even having to shutter shop to go to the nearest wholesale dealer, they can order even as they remember items at the end of a busy day. 
  2. No hidden cost (AFP): We provide Asterisk Free Pricing (AFP). What you see on the app is what you pay with no additional delivery costs or any other hidden charges.
  3. As easy as 123: The new app interface is so easy, even retailers without any technology experience / knowledge will be able to use it. It’s intuitive and interactive UX makes complex assortment purchases, simple like never before.
  4. Next day delivery: Guaranteed delivery timelines are a big win for retailers who have been dependent on un-reliable and costly fulfilment methods so far. Taikee provides quick delivery with provisions for ordering multiple SKUs within their budget.
  5. Easy returns: Taikee ensures a quality check on all products before they leave the warehouse. But in rare instances where a retailer might not want the order, the return process is simplified! The order can be immediately returned to the warehouse even before accepting delivery. No blocking up shelf space!

Now Imagine a Taikee enabled CornerStore. After registering on Taikee, the day of the same CornerStore promoter becomes all about growth and serving his neighbourhood without having to worry about fulfilment and inventory. A Taikee retailer rests easy in the knowledge that he will get quick deliveries and pay exactly what he saw on the app. 

Having observed closely and operated in the industry for over a decade, we are well versed with the hassles that a retailer has to go through specifically during the festive season. Hence, we made sure to roll out the all new Taikee app just in time to maximize prosperity during this year’s festivities. This means, free working capital, bigger basket size, increased customer happiness index followed by repeat purchase.

Why does it matter to us? CornerStores have been the backbone of India and are responsible for driving 80% of the grocery category. They build relationships beyond business with their neighbourhood and hence understand customer demand better than any certified sales analyser. The only thing holding them back is availability of reliable technology and faster fulfilment. We at Taikee, want to do just that. Deliver BetterLives to CornerStores!