Those were the days when K stood for Kismi, P for Poppins and U for Uncle ki Dukaan. 

If you are a 90s kid, you will definitely relate to this. It was when you would hop, skip and jump to your neighbourhood grocery store and stare longingly at all the candies that Uncle stored in little glass jars. And, if you were lucky enough, Uncle would signal you to open the jar and pop any of these sweet treats in your mouth, without charging you for it. 😉 He usually always knew the ones that were your favourites and he kept those jars loosened to make it easier for you.

Because it was never just a neighbourhood grocery shop, but an emotion

Because Uncle ki Dukaan never let you down – be it for Melody or for Phantom Cigarettes

Because he was a part of your sweetest childhood memories!

So, what was your favourite excuse to go to #UncleKiDukaan?