Building a strong foundation of ethos and diverse work culture has always been the peel-works focus. Read on to see what our Co-Founder Nidhi Ramachandran has to say about diversity. We think this is instrumental to navigating unprecedented challenges.

“This is me. A Co-Founder. Married to my best friend. Mum of two. ISB Batch 2. Loved by two sets of parents. Theatre lover. Bookworm. Crossfit addict. Super ambitious. Rational & emotional. Dog lover. Foodie. Loud. Butter chicken with masala dosa lineage. Monotony bores me. Diversity inspires me. 

Diversity, to me, is the range of different people at the workplace – people with diverse ideas, diverse ways of unwinding, diverse backgrounds, and even diverse genders. A workplace without such diversity would surely be a very boring one. And diversity does not stop with the “range” of things at the workplace. 

A diverse workplace is not adequately diverse until all voices are heard. Just yesterday, I heard the voice of our latest young new joiner in the product team talk about her experience with working from home using her old college laptop. And along with that, I also heard the optimism and enthusiasm (that often accompanies youth) to do new things with the product.

And earlier today, I heard the voice of wisdom that comes with long years of experience telling me that our pricing needs a re-look to be able to increase volumes dramatically. 

On the personal front – last week, I heard the voice of the littlest person in my life (my 9-year-old daughter) telling me to spend some time to help her understand how to use the computer more effectively to be able to join her school zoom sessions more effectively. 

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Source: Horton Hears a Who!

I would like to believe I surround myself with diversity – in personal and professional life. My colleagues range from just-out-of-college-2-years-ago-kids to folks with decades of experience, from out of towners to those born and brought up in the city that they work, from shy young boys to terrific go-getter ladies, from dog lovers to frightened-by-all-animal-ers. At peel-works, we have a digital marketing expert leading HR, a processes expert leading customer experience, a private label expert supporting marketing. We are thinking of piloting women in our field salesforce (where possible and safe for them) – a role previously thought to be “best” performed by men. This diversity of thoughts and ideas that come from the lived experience of each of our fantastic team members has always helped steer us in the right direction. 

As we complete a decade as a company, the thing that strikes me about peel-works and our journey is how similar it is to the Whos calling out to Horton in Dr. Seuss’s iconic children’s book – Horton Hears A Who. A young company found its voice (thanks to all the other Whos helping us) and is poised for growth. Thanks to all the voices we heard (then and now). “