Postcard from Shashwat Srivastava at Taikee by Peel-Works

The impact of Covid-19 is increasing with every passing day. While the survival
of the people will depend a lot on Technology like having no choice but to
educate one’s children for the full next year through online platforms, to attend
wedding functions through Zoom calls, to possibly travel your next Euro trip
with VR glasses. We at Taikee are trying to provide a similar power to a
Cornerstore owner, who is otherwise helpless in this situation for sourcing
products. This is especially true for a Tier-2 town’s Cornerstore owner, who was
traveling to the wholesale market in the nearest big city for all his purchases.
The risk of this Cornerstore owner getting an infection is much higher now as he
has to travel physically, the goods change hands multiple times, and
maintaining hygiene is a challenge in such a scenario. With a Product like an
App, through which such a Cornerstore owner can not only place an Order but
his goods get delivered through a standardized hygienic process to his shop is
the real necessity of the hour.

But is it just the Products shown with prices and the Cornerstore owner placing
an order just like we all do on Flipkart? What about negotiating prices (Did you
buy your house or car at MRP?) What about a heavy discount to someone who
wants to buy 10000 pieces of a beverage than someone who wants to buy just
10? What about tiered discounts like Buy 10 get 10% o and buy 20 get 12% o?
What about oering credit or loan online, in app, so that the Cornerstore owner
can buy more frequently? There may be another similar App from a competitor
so why should he shop with Taikee (Why should he be loyal to Taikee? Does
Taikee have a Loyalty Program?)? If Taikee Delivery boys are arrogant then how
can he communicate this feedback to Peel-Works? Out of 10000 Rupees that he
has to pay, can he pay 5000 Rs. in cash, 2000 through UPI, 2000 through Loan
Credits and 1000 through reward points? Taikee delivery team damaged the
product and due to which the Cornerstore owner did not get full delivery, so
why is Taikee not giving him a Cart discount that he was promised to be given
on ordering products worth 5000 or more?

Hope you would have got a sense of the complex product requirements that
the Product team has to go through and Engineering has to execute
impeccably. The growth that we are trying to achieve is only possible with the
flawless engineering execution of these complex product requirements with the
highest level of performance. With an excellent Inorganic growth strategy like a
renowned E-commerce shop at the front and a robust ERP at the backend, the
Technology team is giving the necessary push to the growth engine of Taikee.
The journey is going to be an exciting one. While Engineers will be learning
every best Technology that is prevailing in the Tech world, other teams will find
Technology providing comforts to their lifestyle as well e.g. an efficient picking,
an efficient put-away in the warehouse, an efficient Trip Planning, an efficient
delivery and payment collection, a fast reconciliation and day-closing, an
efficient returns of good and return GRN etc. etc.. A lot of it may look like some
kind of jargon to some of you, but without these parts of the overall Products
functioning well in tandem, this machine will not function well. It’s like a
Conveyor System, if only one part will not work, the entire system will collapse.

With Covid-19, Technology’s role will not only remain in providing you comfort
but it will be a necessity to even earn your livelihood in some or the other way.
Just like in ‘3 idiots’ movie, Aamir Khan says that the Zip in your pants is also a
machine, we already know how machines or technologies are already making
our lives easier. Technology may not be God, but it is nothing lesser than God.

Hail Technology!