Jun 9th, 1983, Jul 26th, 2002, May 1st, 2020 – dates that mark the beginnings of
three inspiring journeys I’ve been part of. While the successful destinations of
the first two are etched in my memory forever, the third has just begun. We all
know what happened in 1983, when a bunch of 11 underdogs displayed
extraordinary grit and determination, bonded together as a team and defied all
odds to achieve an unthinkable and historic win that has arguably redefined our
belief as a nation. In the second instance, an Indian hockey team, again
unfancied, began a quest that culminated in winning the 2002 Commonwealth
Games gold medal. This relatively unknown victory (at that time) amongst many
female sporting triumphs, thanks to Bollywood & SRK, inspired “Chak De” which
has been re-played by us over and over for its lessons on life, empathetic
leadership, and collaborative teamwork.

Starting May 1st, we pivoted to an inventory owned operating model with the
Corner Store as the fulcrum of all our actions. The fact that we have been able to
start this journey amidst the storm engulfing us is a result of the unseen
collaboration and unshakeable conviction of all of us in Team Peel-Works.
Whether it has been the sales, delivery or warehouse teams braving zone
colours to ensure customers are serviced, our finance and transition teams
squeezing the last drops of a 24 hr day to ensure all documentations and
approvals are in place; the reporting team who went about their jobs, as they
always do with quiet determination, and plied us with all required performance
information; the technology team putting their heads down and building a truly
world class customer experience, each and every one of you is a true warrior.
Take a pause and reflect on this, take a bow and celebrate it and let’s keep
marching ahead. One of my strong beliefs is that life is a sport enjoyed together.
History has shown us that it is not the team with the best players that wins, but
it is simply the best team that wins. How do we make ourselves that best team?
How do we not just turn up like most of our athletes at international sporting
events in the previous century but compete like our current bunch of
sportspersons? How do we do achieve all that we can and more? A probable
answer is in unseen collaboration. What are the tangible examples of unseen
collaboration? It is the warehouse staff working diligently to ensure that
inventory is uploaded without error for the sales team to maximize their
productivity. It is the pickers, packers and loaders taking that extra minute while
loading the delivery vehicle to ensure that goods have been securely packed for
the delivery associate. It is someone in the finance team discussing with the
business team how the current category mix could be made more optimally
profitable. It is the technology team reaching out to the reporting team as they
build those components of the product and so much more.

This ability to understand and share the feelings of each other is empathy for
your fellow Taikeeian. This is a toast to this truly empathetic collaboration and
teamwork as we walk together arm in arm.