I am glad to report that ours is one of the busiest companies at this
difficult and trying time for most of the country. Also heartening to learn
that everyone in our teams is safe and healthy at present. As we look
to getting into new routines and finding new ways to get things done,
I write this to you to stop and remember to ask your team-mates how
they are doing. And if you find someone stops to ask you this, be sure
to ask them how they are doing too. At Peel-Works, we greatly value
empathy. We believe that all of you embody empathy as you work
hard to ensure that groceries are available at the #cornerstore right
now – empathising with those who need to stock up, those who are
out of stock, those who can’t open, those who can open but won’t….
everyone has a context of their actions and unless we try to
understand that, we may never be able to climb the heights we aim to.
We have navigated the storm very smoothly so far – holding our values
close to our hearts.

May the force be with us as we continue to do so.