I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well. The last few weeks have
indeed been a challenging time for everyone. I appreciate the way you have
been able to balance work and home amid this significant human tragedy that
is still unfolding around us. Our business has been one of the few companies
that has kept its engine humming. We have operated close to our baselines
despite severe constraints. I take this moment to express my gratitude to each
one of you who has served our customers under very telling personal and
professional circumstances. As some of you would have realized effective May 1,
the company has moved to an inventory owned operating model marking a
radical shift from the market place model.

We make this shift to serve our customers better. Our customers, #CornerStores,
are looking to access a wide assortment of consumer goods at great prices,
reliably delivered to them. The original supply chains were designed
manufacturer forwards. Every company sent its salesmen through distributors
to book orders. Marketplace models like the one that we operated till April 30th
of this year, serve customers inventory forwards – whatever is available is listed
and sold. A step closer to the customer. But not all the way there. Inventory
owned is the only supply chain model that is genuinely designed customer
backward. With the new business model and a forthcoming release of Taikee 2.0, the slickest technology product ever built, we are looking to serve 100,000
customers by the end of the year. So why make these changes now? Could we
not wait for the storm to go by? We believe it is during storms such as these that
offer us the best time to repair our fishing nets. It helps us be ready to catch that
big damn lad when we get to the calmer side. The ships who make it through
this storm would be ones where everyone on board has worked hard. Some
would have steered the boat out of the storm, and the others would have fixed
the fishing nets. So my advice to you, it does not matter what you are busy with steering the ship or fixing the net. Whatever you are doing, do it well.

You asking whether we would be around when all this settles down? Yes, we will
be. Rabba Rakha (May God protect you).